Footing close in the snowcapped peak, the state of hill station Uttarakhand has an eye-catching appeal for skiers all through the globe. Flawless natural sight of the foothills and the adjoining greenery form a fantasy heaven. What expresses more about Auli is the quantity of travelers that gather to this place with endless interest.

The splendid 9000 ft. slope onward of the sea level enclosed with oak and deodar trees diminish the rate of the wind which help the skiers to get enjoyment from their ride efficiently. The exact time to visit Auli is at some period in the November. The icy coldness of the time accompanied with snow a ski can be most tremendous enjoyment than any other month of the year. A specific training is carried out by the Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam for both lay person and experts. The history of this place is of age and striking.


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There are plenty of spaces of tourist reputation that contain Joshimath, Nandaprayag, Parasailing and Rudraprayag. Joshimath, or the abode of the Jyotirlingas of Shiva, is a renowned traveler median in Auli. The admired belief is that the extraordinary truth-seeker of the Hindu faith, Sri Shankaracharya, revealed this place. Nandaprayag is a sanctified place at the confluence of 2 celestial rivers. It also functions as the gorgeous entry to the greatly valued pilgrim centers like Badrinath and Kedarnath. The weather is peaceful throughout summer and floats around 15 degree Celsius. Monsoon rinses lessening the humidity and winters are freezing with temperature almost falling into minus 8 degree Celsius.


Ski: Auli is becoming very trendy among the ski-lovers. The area is sanctified with expanses of 10- 20 km of snow-covered mountains ultimate for skiing. The jungles on the slopes reliefs reduce wind velocity thereby making ideal conditions for skiing. Settled in Garhwal Himalayas, Auli is embroidered with snow-clad mounts ultimate for skiing activity and regularly hosts the National Winter Games. It may seem as an enjoyable sport, but is not one to be taken casually; it have need of hours of well-organized training and months of practice before one can actually endorse risky acts on thin ice. Course by Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam a program is systematized to offer a fortnight-long skiing progress for incompetent skiers.

High peaks views: Auli is bounded by high mountains like Kamet, Mana and loftiest of all Nanda Devi. In dusk, get conserved to great vision of snow clad elevations as they keep varying colors every minute the sun goes down. The sentiment of isolation and unity with god will do miracles to you mind and have a optimistic effect on your body.

Trekking: Distant from skiing there are some trek opportunities offered and below list is some of the track usually accomplished in single day Auli - Gorson around 7 km Gorson - Kuari Pass around 11 km Kuari Pass - Tali around 6 km Tali - Khulara around 12 km Khulara - Tapovan around 9 km.