Kedarnath can be approached by having 14 kilometer long-lasting trek from Gaurikund. Another method of reaching to the shrine is by hiring a helicopter from the Government's helicopter service called 'Pawan Hans'. This is the location from where the trek to the Kedarnath temple begins. Gaurikund is linked with the tale of Gauri, wife of Lord Shiva, who is thought to have accomplished austerity here to get Shiva as her husband. After so many years of love did lord Shiva give the impression and agreed to Gauri's demand. They both got wedded just a aloofness from this spot. Gaurikund have some hot springs where people take trail before initial their trip to Kedarnath.

There are tons of other places of attentiveness in and in the area of Kedarnath such as Gandhi Sarovar and Gaurikund. There is also Triyuginarayan, said to be the marriage site of Lord Shiva and Parvati and a fire at the location is frequently kept burning. Kedarnath is also the flawless place for mountain trekking and lovely treks foremost through the virgin jungles and breezy mountains are a favorite among adventure sports fans. One can start hiking from Gaurikund itself. The heavenly Jyotirlingas is preserved as to possess the godly presence that can provide rescue to those who die at this holy land. And one can find the way to heaven at Mahapanth away from the shrine.


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Other than this, the Gaurikund Temple and Gauri Lake are also significant benchmarks that the place is renowned for. Gaurikund has fine lodging options in the system of dharamshalas, hotels and guest houses. One can reach Kedarnath by a sharp trek of about 14 km from Gaurikund as it is combined by road from Dehradun, Rishikesh and Haridwar. The close railway station is Haridwar from where one can grasp Gaurikund by road. Jolly Grant is the nearest airport to reach Kedarnath, which is located in Dehradun.


The area deals bright greenery with Vasuki Ganga flowing from beneath. Located amongst verdant green forests, the place claims of its delightful views and the two famous attractions established here Gaurikund Temple and Gauri Lake.

Gaurikund Temple : This temple has the statue of Goddess Parvati in it, where believers existent their prayers. People on their way to Kedarnath make it a point to pause here to come this blessed spiritual place.

Gauri Kund : Also known as Gauri Lake, Parvati Sarovar or the Lake of empathy, this is the lake where Goddess Parvati had blew life into Lord Ganesha. Hindus have faith in this lake to be a holy place and take a procedural bath here. Miserably, after the 2013 floods, there is only a minor stream of water flowing in place of the Kund.